Make a pinata

Pinatas are found at birthdays around the world, and at almost every Mexican celebration. Pinatas were traditionally in the shape of a six-pointed star and were filled with fruit, candy, and small toys. Today they are designed in all types of shapes, including animals, plants, and flowers. At fiestas, the pinatas are hung in the air and children are blindfolded and take turns swinging at the pinatas. Eventually, the pinata is hit hard enough and it breaks releasing the candy and toys that it contained. Try making your own pinata at home. Make sure you ask an adult for help.

  • 2 cups flour
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Paint, crayons, or markers
  • Colored crepe paper
  • String
  1. Blow up a large balloon and tie the end
  2. Mix the flour and water together until it makes a smooth paste
  3. Cut the newspaper into long 1 inch thick strips and dip into the flour/water mixture
  4. Carefully place the strips on the balloon until it is covered, leaving a hole at the top
  5. Set aside and let the balloon dry
  6. Place another layer of newspaper dipped in the mixture over the balloon and let dry
  7. Repeat with one more layer, making sure you leave the hole at the top
  8. When dry, pop and remove the balloon
  9. Paint your pinata with different designs and colors
  10. If desired, hang colored crepe paper from the sides and bottom
  11. Punch 2 small holes in the top near the opening and string a large piece of string through the two holes
  12. Fill your pinata (through the hole you left at the top) with candy, toys, or any other fun surprises. You should also fill with strips of newspaper so the surprises are not all in one location
  13. Tie your pinata in the air with the string and have fun!

You can be very creative with this project. You can design your pinata into any shape (animal, flower, etc,) with your imagination. Use thick colored paper filled with scrunched up newspaper and glue or tape to add any details to your basic pinata structure.